The Band

Mike loved music from an early age. With musical roots from his Grandma Elsie and Aunt Karen, the country music love flows in his blood(Old School Country .. not this new garbage). Mike received his first acoustic guitar at age 14 and first electric guitar purchased from Sears amazingly enough. First lessons were bass guitar lessons from Mark Livingston in Chippewa, PA and then 6 string lessons from Rocky Palumbo at Hawkins Music in New Brighton, PA.

Mike played guitar and bass in Blackhawk High Schools jazz and pep bands. During that time meeting drummer Mike 'Crash' McCracken who introduced him to Tim Fritz and the 3 started their first band Metalurgy. In 1992 while living in Monaca, PA he felt the urge to learn to sing and took vocal lessons from Randy Shoup in Center Twp, PA from 1992 till 1994. From 1995 till 2000 Mike hit a lot of karaoke bars.

He moved to Ohio in 2000 and rejoined his old high school friend Tim and joined WildChild as the guitar player, all the while still hitting all the karaoke bars. While at Salty Grogs in Boardman, OH he met Jim Tatarka who played drums in Edisons Medicine. On February 13th 2002 Mike was cornered by Michael Fonce and Tim Miller and was told(not asked, told) "hey dude, you are gonna be our new singer" and they became life long friends.

In the initial year (2002) a quote was said to him by Tim that he swears by to this day "Become a student of music, a student of the voice". After that he has studied under Mark Baxter in Boston, Jamie Vendera (Raise Your Voice 1&2) ►www.jaimevendera.com, William Crank aka "Preacher" and David L. Jones ►www.voiceteacher.com. Mike and Tim started Hair Supply www.HairSupply.us in 2014 and added Larry Christopher on guitar and vocals in 2022.

Mike, Tim and Larry also are 3 of the 5 members in Hell Freezes Over ►www.HFOAcoustic.com


Bass Guitarist / BBQ Pitmaster enthusiast

Tim was born in the Northern suburbs of Baltimore where he developed an interest in silly putty and music.

Tim was taught to play Bass guitar at the age of 15 by his Grandfather, after he promised his parents that playing a stringed instrument would not lead to a life of playing in Bars and Casinos, around liquor and wild women, and the evils of dancing, and the music business in general.

Tim cut his teeth playing in Bluegrass and country music bands with his Grandfather, but really hit his stride when friends asked him to play in Rock Bands. Music fueled his passions all throughout High School and College.

Tim graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Communication, he promptly moved to Nashville, Tennessee to become a professional musician.

Tim spent the next few years in the embrace of the Nashville music scene. As a Bassist with impeccable harmonizing skills, Tim found the most success as a touring musician, playing everything from 20,000 seat venues to 10 seat nightclubs.

Many nights were spent in Bars and Casinos, around liquor and wild women, and the evils of dancing and the music business in general. Tim's parents told their friends that he was in prison because it was too embarrassing to admit he was a musician.

After an accomplished stint as a world-class musician, Tim decided to retire, and moved to what has been described as "The Armpit of Ohio" be closer to family and throw down some roots for a change.

Talented musicians never stay idle for long, and Tim soon began to pick up studio work, and was one of the first to pioneer the concept of the tribute band. For 15 years, his 80's tribute band "Edison's Medicine" was one of the most popular bands in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. He also spent several years writing and performing original music with the bands "Store Bought Hero" and "Bleeding Soul".

Friends and family nicknamed him "The Nashville Flash". Rumor has it that a book detailing his time in the 90's Nashville music scene may be forthcoming.

Larry grew up around live music, as his father and uncles played in bands since before he was born. Guitars, amps, microphones, and singing harmonies were all a part of his life from the start. When he was 10, he saw a movie called Birth of the Beatles, and that set his life on the course that he never strayed from. The Beatles were his musical gurus. Being a musician was what he was meant to be. He badgered his dad to buy him a guitar, which his proud pop gladly did, seeing his son's enthusiasm for something that had brought himself so much enjoyment. After buying a Yamaha acoustic guitar, he gave Larry a handwritten paper with the basic chord positions on it, and it was off to the races for his youngest son.

After learning those chords, Larry never went back to ask anymore questions, instead spending endless hours training his ears on Beatles records. These were the days when you had to pick up the needle on the record player to play parts back over and over and over to learn how to play something, and learn he did. Besides learning to play a variety of different music styles from the Beatles, he also learned what he considers the most important thing he got from them. Learning to sing lead, and to sing harmonies, makes a lead guitar player much more valuable. It trained the ears better. It rounded out the musician in him. He would never miss a chance to sing harmonies to Beatles or Eagles songs when on the car radio, while eventually putting aside any dreams of playing baseball aside permanently to exclusively play guitar and sing.

Through the years Larry has played in bands playing anything from Rockabilly, to Country, to Hard Rock. He's currently playing in an Eagles tribute band called Hell Freezes Over with Mike and Tim, which all started from their first 3 piece gig together when they played and sang harmonies together for the first time and heard the unique blend of the three voices. Their 3 piece act "Hair Supply" is the perfect outlet to play songs from his favorite bands, where they can cover any song the three of them want to. Certainly a dream gig for Larry!